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Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

Its vision is to consolidate LEXOMO WORLDWIDE’S leadership in the national and international market for gres, wall and floor tiles, aiming to generate value for all the company,s stakeholders.

LEXOMO WORLDWIDE is an industrial group dedicated to the design, manufacture, distribution and marketing of ceramic products that meet its customer's needs, ensuring excellent quality, design and price.

Our Values

All company history is marked by its direct customer orientation. The cordial, direct and sincere relationship between LEXOMO WORLDWIDE and their customers is the fundamental value that has made us to continue with the same energy for so long. And more today, where LEXOMO WORLDWIDE Group operates in a global environment and, for that matter, complex. To overcome these challenges, we base our work on innovation, technology, product quality, respect for the environment and sustainability.

Corporate values:
  • Design and innovation
  • Commitment to the customer
  • Teamwork
  • Ethics and sustainability
The Future

In order to maintain market growth, we concentrate on developing and promoting new tile products, including modular or cladding tile, larger-sized tile, slip- and abrasion-resistant tile, and tile with a polished, granite or marble finish. This is being accomplished through the development of different body formulations, new glazes, and glaze applications, and by new and improved processing equipment and techniques. Automation will continue to play an important role in an effort to increase production, lower costs, and improve quality. In addition, changes in production technology due to environmental and energy resource issues will continue.